Safety/Mechanical Inspections & Maintenance

These Preventative Maintenance Inspection are our core business, and what could be more important than regular checks of your prized possession by trained and knowledgeable professionals?

As a part of every ENS Membership Level, our technicians will visit your boat twice a month for a detailed inspection. We will make sure that the major systems are working as they should, and that the items that need the routine
maintenance, such as A/C filters, deodorant in the head, and tanks are pumped out. The higher the membership level, the more work we do during that inspection, as well as provide additional nautical services.

We have inspection checklists customized for your Membership Level, and will even further customize your boat’s checklist if you have other additional equipment that you need us to keep an eye on. These reports will be emailed to you upon the completion of the inspection, so you will know that day the condition of your boat. If there are other recommended repairs to perform as a part of the inspection, ENS Account Managers will get that “over and above” quote to you quickly. Once you authorize that repair, we will schedule and oversee the work.

When it’s time to use your boat, you know it’s ready to set course for your latest adventure.