A/C Repair & Maintenance

If you are reading this page and your yacht is stationed in Kemah, then you know that one of the most frustrating systems can be the A/C system. The filters and strainers seem to clog as soon as you clean them out! And what can be the biggest damper for the party boat is when the A/C system is out and there is no breeze to get the high temperatures to a bearable level in August? Trust us, it’s happened to us numerous times, and is one of the key reasons why we started ENS preventative maintenance checks and services!

Of course, with your ENS membership, we will run the A/C and clean filters/strainers (Membership Level dependent). This will not only keep your airflow maximized, it will of course help extend the life of the unit and bring maximum coolness to your family on those hot summer days.

Additionally, your ENS tech may notice that your system is not cooling as rapidly as it should, or getting as cold as it should, and recommend that an A/C expert come out and run some diagnostics, and perhaps give it a tune up. We can arrange all that for you, as we have partnered with the most trustworthy and reliable Marine AC company in the Kemah area that we could find. It may be that your A/C unit has been on the boat for 15+ years, and it’s not reliable, it may be time for a new one. ENS Account Managers can help you with providing “Good, Better, Best” options that would best fit the lifestyle and budget that you have for your boat. Once you pick out the right option, we get to work with the details of getting it installed in a timely fashion.

Fixing the issues ahead of time so that when you want to enjoy your “Chill” time on the boat, you can!